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    Food Sampling and Analysis

    In many instances, third-party sampling and analysis are necessary to resolve disputes between a buyer and seller, or buyer and shipper due to unforeseen circumstances. On occasion, products may get temperature abused during transport affecting product integrity. We offer unbiased third-party sampling and analysis to determine whether a product may be salvaged for human consumption. We work closely with buyers, sellers and their insurance companies to minimize any potential loss and liability as a result of any nonconformance that may arise. BLD conducts loss prevention analysis to help you determine the extent of potential spoilage and whether any portions of the cargo may be salvageable and/or reconditioned.

    We will help you make the appropriate decision about the number of test samples to represent the lot of cargo and can recommend test parameters to verify whether your product in question is fit for human consumption. We focus on demonstrating food safety and food quality.

    Third-party sampling and

    Our sampling plans provide a paper trail to track every aspect of the sampling and analysis which includes photos of the products during sampling, chain of custody, collection reports and analytical reports with a full interpretation report of the findings.