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Food Label Compliance for FDA Regulations

Selling retail food products requires a nutrient facts panel as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 101 (21CFR101). Interpreting nutrient facts panels is just as confusing as knowing how to properly provide one on your custom package. BLD will work with you to meet your custom labeling needs to meet regulatory compliance.

Nutrition labeling is not only a regulatory requirement, but also a marketing tool to help you illustrate the nutritional quality of your products. BLD can assemble nutrient facts panels based on your recipe using standardized nutritional values determined by the USDA and other regulatory and private entities. There are numerous labeling formats to choose from based on the type and size of packaging. We have even formed strategic alliances with several private laboratories for any nutritional testing need. We will help you bridge the gap between labeling for regulatory compliance and labeling as a marketing tool to highlight additional voluntary nutrients to make your products’ nutritive quality stand out over the competition.

Food labeling

For many, labeling is optional, yet they are still provided as a competitive marketing element. One such entity is the restaurant industry where the demand for providing nutritional information is growing. Providing nutrient facts for a full menu as a service to your patrons can be difficult, confusing, and costly. BLD has assembled hundreds of labels for restaurant chains, and private entities to help them better market the nutritional quality of their products. We have even conducted analyses of hundreds of recipes to verify regulatory compliance and the absence of specific ingredients such as trans fats.

In addition to creating custom labels, BLD can help you format your labels, design packages with your logo, and print labels to put directly on your packages. We can even validate any potential preparatory methods and outline clear instructions to put on your retail packages.

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