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    Food Label Compliance for FDA Regulations

    Food Labeling Compliance Consultants

    Our trusted food labeling services ensures your product’s nutritional content is accurately determined and properly presented on packaging for regulatory compliance. 

    Accurate Nutrition Labeling For Any Product and Jurisdiction.

    At Biogen Food Labs, we ensure the correct nutritional content is provided on your specific product labels in the proper formats to meet regulatory demands. 

    Not only do we provide the nutritional information, but we verify and validate any product label claims you might make to promote the uniqueness of your products. 

    We’ve prepared nutrition labels for numerous justisdications and sectors such as:

    • FDA Food Labels
    • USDA Food Labels
    • Health Canada Food Labels
    • UK Food Labels
    • Restaurant Menu Labeling
    food packaging

    Selling retail food products requires that proper nutritional and ingredient information is presented in the appropriate legal format. Interpreting nutritional facts labels and ingredients lists are just as confusing as knowing how to adequately provide one for your product. 

    At Biogen Food Labs, we have the experience and expertise to ensure information is presented on your specific package in the proper legal format. We can provide print ready labels designed specifically for your packaging or we can work with your team to complete your final packaging art files with a full regulatory review of the final package before printing.  

    Nutrition labeling is not only a regulatory requirement, but a marketing tool to help you illustrate the nutritional quality and specific ways your products are differentiated on the shelf. We validate product claims and verify the potency of supplements throughout their shelf life. In some cases, we do exploratory nutritional investigations to identify specific phytonutrients a product might contain and identify other voluntary nutrients to distinguish your products from the competition. Other scenarios involve verifying a process that changes the nutritional content such as fermentation or other production processes that impacts nutritional potency.

    Food Label Examples


    Nutritional Analysis Process

    Biogen Food Labs can assemble nutrition facts panels based on your recipe using standardized nutritional databases, routine nutritional testing, or a combination of testing and calculation. We have the expertise to identify which route is the most appropriate for the situation to present the correct information within your budget. 

    In nearly all situations, a product’s nutritional content is determined by database calculation or by laboratory testing entirely which involves a wide range of costs. Often, clients have an entire product line that varies by only a couple ingredients from their base product. We have the expertise to help you identify the most cost effective path of getting all the information needed on your packaging. We might test just the base blends, and then calculate the differences between the rest of the line to save you time and money. For all products that get tested, we consult with you to identify which nutrients might not be present from the start to avoid costly testing for nutritional parameters we already know are absent. 

    Why test for something that you already know? A large part of our job is to help you differentiate between what “needs” to be done and what “should” be done, and the various paths we have to get you there.  

    There are numerous labeling formats to choose from based on the type and size of packaging you’ll be using. We’ll help you bridge the gap between labeling for regulatory compliance and labeling as a marketing tool to highlight additional voluntary nutritional facts and make your product stand out. 

    We know food label compliance is not a one-size-fits-all service. We’ve helped a wide range of companies and products in numerous jurisdictions meet necessary regulatory compliance and thrive in their markets. We’ll bring our 20+ years of nutritional and labeling expertise and collaborate with your quality assurance, regulatory affairs, or marketing departments to ensure the best possible food labeling solutions are considered.

    If you’re looking for a reliable, timely and accurate food labeling company, look no further than Biogen Food Labs. 

    Why Work With Biogen Food Labs?


    When the success of your business is on the line, nothing matters more than experience and reputation. We have over 2 decades of reliable food labeling experience that includes nutrition facts panels, ingredients lists, allergen statements, shelf life verification, and other functional label claims.


    Businesses big and small count on us to deliver results. We’ll provide solutions tailored to your needs and products, and work with you to determine which services you need and which you can go without. We believe in options and collaboration until the proper solution is found to fit the situation.


    We know how important sticking to a timeline is to your business. We always deliver on our promises and will keep your schedule on track. We understand problems arise for everyone. We are highly responsive to changes.


    We’re only a call away to help solve issues when you’re bringing your product to market. We are known for our responsiveness. If you have questions at any point, we’ll answer them and help you understand the status of your project. Day or night, holiday or sick day, commerce is continuous and bacteria do not take days off; so neither do we.

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    How Can We Help Your Business? 

    We know nutritional analysis and food testing well. We’re here to help you get your product to your next level. Our food consulting services are designed to be completed so your demanding food production schedule stays on track. Most importantly, we want to help you see your vision become a reality as new products are brought to market 

    Beyond food labeling consulting, we can:

    • Provide new product launch assistance and risk assessment
    • Provide Regulatory support 
    • Provide nutritional analysis and nutritional estimates during product development 
    • Provide labeling options custom to the product
    • Validate any product claim
    • Validate the shelf life and processes involved in producing your products
    • Conduct regulatory review of your entire packaging
    • Design and implement process controls and quality systems

    At Biogen Food Labs we also offer:

    Microbiological Analysis

    Food Quality & Food Safety Program Compliance

    Risk Assessment & Loss Prevention Assistance

    Quality Systems & Environmental Monitoring Programs

    Expert Witness Investigation & Testimony

    Onsite Technical Training & Proficiency

    Sampling and Analysis for FDA Detention on Imports into the US

    Third-Party Sampling Services

    R&D Solutions for Custom Situations

    About Biogen Food Labs

    Biogen Food Labs is the main lab and extension of Biogen Laboratory Developments, a food and supplement company offering services for a broad spectrum of foods and nutritional supplements. Our team specializes in analytical and regulatory challenges within the food and nutraceutical industries. We stay on the forefront of industry developments to satisfy the demands of rising regulatory issues and public concerns.

    In addition to food label compliance and consulting, we also offer research and lab services for food, cosmetics, and other types of businesses.

    In addition to our own lab, we’ve assembled a laboratory network utilizing the specialties of certified laboratory partners nationwide to maximize our reach and optimize the quality and range of services offered to meet your business needs in a timely manner.

    Certifications & Affiliations


    Institure of Food Technologists

    National Registry of Microbiologists

    American Society for Clinical Pathology

    Association of Food and Drug Officials

    Association of Analytical Chemists

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